Waste Management

In order to ensure that the system designed to manage wastes generated at departments and enterprises of JSC Orenburgneft works efficiently, works on collection, sorting out, transportation, utilization and burying of wastes being components of these processes are carried out in accordance with "Waste Management Plan". As provided for in WMP, production wastes and drilling sludge are handed over to the Waste Centre of the Environmental Department. With a view to ensuring for the Waste Centre to function in conformity with more contemporary requirements, a Feasibility Study document on the Reconstruction of the Waste Centre project within the contract made between JSC Orenburgneft, based on the grant allocated by the RF Trade and Development Agency (TDA) has been developed.

In accordance with item 5.4 of the "Complex Actions Plan on Improvement of Ecological Condition in the Orenburg region for 2006-2010" approved by Resolution No.1697 dated September 26, 2006 of the President of the Orenburg region aimed at protection of the atmospheric air, three ecological measuring stations were built in Sabail, Sabunchu and Surakhany districts, supplied with state-of-the-art equipment, and put into operation. With a view to ensuring uninterrupted control of used gases thrown into the atmosphere, using the modern gas analysers installed in Ecological Measuring Stations (Stargas-898, Smokemeter-495/01), works on measuring of harmful gases being thrown into the atmosphere by vehicles in the balance of departments and enterprises of JSC Orenburgneft and comparing with norms existing in the Orenburg region are carried out. Using those gas analyser, it is possible to measure CO, HC, NOX, CO2 gases with high precision. After the gases (CH, CO and smoke) thrown into the atmosphere by cars and special machines are compared with the standard norms, final reports are developed and delivered to enterprises in order to take necessary measures.

In their activity on waste management, JSC Orenburgneft are guided by laws and the Constitution of the Orenburg region , decrees and resolutions of the President of the Orenburg region , decisions and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Orenburg region , other normative legal acts, international agreements they are a party to, agreements made on exploration an development of oil and gas ratified by laws of the Orenburg region and "Waste management Plan" (WMP) approved by order of JSC Orenburgneft president.


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