Social Development

Social Development is an essential part of the corporate culture at JSC Orenburgneft and an integral part of our strategic plans. We know that our success is directly linked to implementing and executing a broad range of sustainable practices. Through technological innovation, environmental impact planning, corporate safety initiatives and community relations activities, JSC Orenburgneft understands that how we conduct business is of equal importance to our results. Corporate responsibility guides every aspect of our daily activities and is the key to our continued success.

A great deal of effort has been made to improve the welfare of JSC Orenburgneft employees.In order to manage this process efficiently, a "Social Development Program for the Years 2011-2015 to improve the Welfare of Employees of the Company in the Orenburg region " was approved by state Orders.

Social Responsibility

JSC Orenburgneft pursues a policy of high Social Responsibility for its employees and their families, people in the regions where it works, and society as a whole. The company implements several major projects of social security and charity to create safe and comfortable working conditions, solve housing problems, improve the living standards of employees and their families, provide training for workers, support veterans and retirees, and promote regional socio-economic development.

Improvement work standard

JSC Orenburgneft is consistently focused on creating comfortable and safe working conditions to ensure maximum labor efficiency. To this end, the Company is developing new recreation areas, supporting social infrastructure and financing projects to improve comfort and safety of life. The main priority in the social policy of JSC Orenburgneft is the constant development and improvement of its transshipment camps, which currently have thousands of employees. Therefore, the Company adopted Social and production standards for shift workers and a targeted program to bring their living conditions in line with these standards. As a result of comprehensive measures to develop infrastructure, shift workers in the company are changing dramatically.

Health and Healthy Living

Protecting the health of employees and promoting a healthy lifestyle are the most important priority of the social policy of JSC Orenburgneft, a major employer in Russia. Company employees undergo annual medical examinations, participate in activities related to the prevention of infectious diseases during the pre-epidemic period, they use spa treatment, rehabilitation and wellness benefits. Federal, regional and corporate medical centers annually offer treatment and rehabilitation courses for tens of thousands of employees of the Company's subsidiaries, their family members, and retirees. (Krasnodar Territory, Samara and Irkutsk Region) use unique natural medicines that are successfully used for the prevention and treatment of many occupational diseases.


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