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JSC Orenburgneft is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the Russian Federation and the largest state oil and gas company producing hydrocarbons and producing liquid hydrocarbons. One of the key priorities of the JSC Orenburgneft is to increase the resource base. JSC Orenburgneft's share in Production reaches 20% and more than 1% of world production. At the end of 2017, the company set another record for hydrocarbon production, recovering more than 10 million tons of oil equivalent, which is 1% higher than in 2016, along with the launch of new fields and increasing the efficiency of mature fields, mainly due to the work of its own service organizations Companies The production of liquid hydrocarbons in 2018 amounted to 10.5 million tons.

In order to increase the efficiency of reserves production, the JSC Orenburgneft conducted a large-scale optimization of existing development systems by moving from traditional directional wells to horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (HW with MSFrac). This technology significantly increases the productivity of wells, the coverage of reserves due to development, and also allows to reduce the reserves of wells and increase the economic efficiency of projects. In 2017, about 30% of the reserves involved in development at these enterprises were commissioned precisely thanks to the use of HW with MSFrac development systems.

Well recovery rates have also been increased through the use of sidetracking. In 2018, the number of these operations increased by 5% compared to 2017. This allowed the Company to extract an additional 1 million tons of oil during well reconstruction. JSC Orenburgneft continues to introduce more efficient completion methods at new wells. The commissioning of horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in 2018 increased by 30% compared to 2017. In general, the commissioning of wells with horizontal completion increased by 50% compared to 2017 and amounted to 31% of the total number of wells commissioned.


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