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The history of the oil industry of Orenburg region officially begins in 2002. It was then that an oil field of industrial importance was discovered in the Orenburg region . The era of mass discoveries of oil deposits of the republic has come. The chronicle of JSC Orenburgneft activities is recreated from books, brochures, state and party documents, newspaper and magazine publications, published over the past 6 years.

The birthday of the JSC Orenburgneft is July 30, 2002 It was necessary to develop projects of a large number of complex engineering structures, equipment, control devices and automatics. Along with this, it was necessary to properly place the construction site in coordination with other important objects under construction - a nickel mill, a combined heat and power plant, to think over the possibilities of supplying industrial and to ensure the discharge of sewage. It was also necessary to resolve issues related to the creation of a large railway junction, engineering communications lines, and pipeline transportation.

As a result of the acquisition of a number of oil and gas assets in Russia, the oil reserves and production volumes, oil refining capacities, and the retail networks were expanded substantially. In 2015, JSC Orenburgneft already provided over 10% of the total oil production in the country, producing over 50 million ton of oil. Despite the global oil crisis, the Company once again became the leader in production growth among both Russian and CIS competitors.

The Company continued work on the optimization and efficiency enhancement of all business lines, while the unfavorable market conditions at the year-end became a stimulus to continue this work. The Company succeeded in achieving significant results in improving the corporate management system and raising the level of information transparency.

In 2016, fundamental changes in the management policy occurred, and the Company's strategy upgrade commenced. The production modernization program was launched in order to fulfill the requirements of the Technical Regulations to the quality of motor fuels. The Company obtained rights for subsoil reserves use at a number of new promising areas, including those on the Arctic shelf of the Russian Federation. The Company acquired shares in major refineries in Russia Federation and CIS countries, which increased the Company’s total production volumes by over 10% - up to 30 million ton. By the year end, the Company had the highest indicator of the absolute oil production increase among Russian companies.


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