Alternative Energy Use

In the Ecological Park great preference is given to the use of clean and waste-free technologies. In order to meet part of the demand for electricity in the Park from alternative and renewable energy sources, four wind generators with 10 kW/hour each and solar panels with total capacity of 20 kW/hour have been installed as a pilot project. With the purpose of meeting the demand of the new administrative building of the Environmental Department constructed in the Orenburg region production area located in the territory of Ugra district, a decision was made on installation of solar panels with total capacity of 20kW/hour.

The Resolution of the President of the Orenburg region on "The State Program for Use of Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in the Orenburg region " proves that in this issue Komi has expressed its solidarity with the world community. Although JSC Orenburgneft have been producing fossil fuels, they have been taking continuous steps towards using alternative and renewable energy sources.

Wide-scale greenery planting works are carried out now at JSC Orenburgneft’s production areas and rehabilitated territories. The Ecological Park project covering 9.3 ha area allocated in the territory of Ugra district has been implemented in order to meet the demand for trees and shrubs, and ensure the enlightenment of population in environment issues.

Today energy safety, global climate changes and contamination of the environment are among the main problems worrying the mankind.Various means are offered for their solution, of which the most important one is the use of renewable and alternative sources of energy. The Orenburg region is, by its geographical location and climate conditions, one of those Republic that have favourable conditions to use sources of alternative energy.


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